Medium Duty Dump Bodies & Hoists

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Medium Duty Dump Bodies & Hoists

DuraClass design:
All premium DuraClass SL & SL-316 dump bodies feature an innovative design incorporating maximum durability and useability. Note the fully enclosed front posts for added strength and superior resistance to corrosion. Rear corner posts are full depth, which helps keep body dimensions true and rigid. High tensile steel provides superior strength and lighter body weight than comparable dump bodies.

Features an interlaced understructure to support the body floor on a grid of 8-gauge crossmembers laced to J-section longmembers. This design saves weight and adds floor support minimizing washboarding. SL design utilizes two vertical side braces with radius bends, slanted forward for a contemporary look.

Keep your body looking its cleanest with DuraClass SL-316. Featuring a crossmemberless understructure, material and dirt resist build-up leaving a clean look and premium corrosion resistance. With a horizontal side brace and tailgate brace that reflects the clean radiused lines of the top rail, you will have a premium body that looks its best.

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